Woven wicker texture

Pattern in woven wicker

Wicker chair back

Assignment 19: A Textured Subject

Assignment is to make a killer shot of texture.  Caveat: Shooting a wall in morning sun is not gonna do it, nor is a closeup shot of a board or something. I want you to create the shot. Natural light/artificial light… whatever you want. Just work the shot… show us something so cool that we are blown away. Use light patterns or shapes or angles or color or composition, but make the shot something so amazing that it can go in your portfolio – not as a ‘texture’ but as a wonderful image.

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A Violin (Not Pets)

I haven’t been sharing the non-pet related P52 I am participating in, because few of my photos have pets in them, but that is going to change. I’ve been getting some photos that I am really pleased with, and so I will be putting them up here from time to time. If you feel strongly one way or another about that feel free to tell me so in the comments.

This assignment was to create a (fictional) CD cover for a string quartet performing a piece of music titled String Quartet. I have access to a violin, and violins (conveniently) have four strings. At first I wanted to play on those words, and then I remembered a photo technique I’ve used before that I call “whirled”. This is what I came up with:

Whirled close-up photograph of violin

And this was a second choice, in case the (fictional) clients felt the other was too abstract:

Whirled close-up photograph of violin

Evolution of an image

I am currently participating in two separate Project 52s. This is going to get confusing, especially since they are both due on Fridays, so I am going to call one Project 52 (for the blog ring shared with other pet photographers on the Beautiful Beasties network) and the other P52 (for the Flickr based project run out of project52.org).

This is the first P52 assignment I am sharing here. We were to go through magazines in our genre to get a selection of images that we like, and then shoot one of our own to go with the set. It was quite the learning experience!

First of all, most of the good photos I took were in portrait orientation when the final product had to be in landscape orientation. I think I was on autopilot for those, as I have been fighting a tendency to prefer landscape.

Portrait of a brown dog by a fence

And then I realized that the negative space was on the wrong side of the image, so I had to flip the image. I also converting it to a tinted black & white.

B&W portrait of a pretty dog)

There is too much headspace over Rivet’s head, so I cropped it.

B+W dog portrait photograph

And, finally, I added some text to imitate the layouts of my magazine clippings. I was in a frivilous mood, and it wasn’t until later that I realized someone might interpret this in a whiny negative way, but I really was just being silly. Rivet does live with my ex, which is not a bad thing, and I do treasure the opportunities to photograph her when she visits. She visits often, so I am not terribly deprived…

Imitation of a magazine article header page

And that’s it! This was a very interesting assignment.