More Minion Puppies

Brown retriever puppy in yellow bandana


I think we are overdue for some puppy photos.

As I said in my last Minion Puppies post, I took far too many photographs of Lily and Miss Kay, two Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies that were dressed up to match some marvellous Minion costumes for Halloween.  Aren’t they cute?!



Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies

Retriever puppies with yellow bandanas

Minion puppies


Lily and Miss Kay were dressed up as Minion Puppies for Halloween (to go with some of the best Minion costumes out there).  We took them to an unused ball field and let them run around free for a while on a gorgeous sunny fall afternoon.

All puppies are cute, of course, so I took far too many photos of them for one blog post.  You can expect to see these cutie pies again!  They were bred by my friend Terry Dancey of Tsunami Chesapeake Bay retrievers – just like my girl Rivet.   They are both lovely girls but I have to say that I would have slipped Lily into my pocket and smuggled her home with me if I thought I could get away with it.