Project 52 – Love ~ Vancouver area pet photographer

Every week a group of pet photographers takes photos on a theme for Project 52. We are supposed to take new photos, and I did, but first I need to show you this older shot, titled “The Kiss”. Doesn’t it say “love” to you?

Pretty dog licking a cute child's face

I have been meaning to try to get a more recent version of that photo for a while now, and this week’s theme almost forced me to do it NOW. So tonight child, dog, and I (and a jar of peanut butter) sat down to work on it.

This is what we got:

Cute child being licked by a pretty brown dog

Pretty sweet, huh?!

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Tracy Sutherland Photography specializes in timeless classic representations of the pets that enrich our lives. Tracy lives in Sea to Sky country north of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and works in Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver.