The Most Amazing View on the Most Amazing Vacation (part four)

Wednesday morning was the chilliest of the trip.  We were up in time to see the sun rise from the aptly named Inspiration Point.  Bryce Canyon might have been the most stunning location of the trip (but please don’t repeat that too loudly, because I’m sure someone else will disagree) and watching the sun creep over the rocks was a highlight of my trip.

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The Most Amazing Vacation (part three)


We got up before dawn on Tuesday and headed out to watch the sun sweep over the mountainsides.  The ground was chilly, but the air was mild in comparison, so it wasn’t long before I had removed my puffy jacket and was using it as a cushion.  Despite a fair bit of care in where I stepped and where I sat I still ended up removing several cactus spines from my skin, including one that somehow ended up high on the inside of my upper arm.  Not quite sure how that happened…

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Bryce Canyon Ravens

I’m taking a slight detour here from my series on the Totally Absolutely Amazing Roadtrip through parts of Arizona and Utah.  Detour, because there is no scenery in these photos, but only slight because they were all taken in Bryce Canyon, Utah.  The ravens at Bryce Canyon were huge.  H.U.G.E.  And they clearly get handouts from tourists because they were quite willing to hang around and get gawked at.