8 week Still Life Photography course

I am taking an 8 week course on Still Life photography. As part of the course we are to maintain and update a story on Exposure showing our progress.

Still Life Photography Course by Tracy Sutherland on Exposure

Teeny tiny Blondie

Blondie is the smallest dog I have ever photographed.  She is a darling little thing that completely adores her owner.


Adele and Nelli

This is Adele, from the 2015 calendar.  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Her tail was incredible – it glistened in the sunlight as if it was made of glitter.


I was pleased with how these photos show the connection between Adele and Nelli.  It was a fun portrait session!



2015 Pet Photography Calendar

The calendar is going to the printers!  I might be biased but I think it will be another good one.

Pet portrait photographer near Vancouver

The 2015 Pet Calendar has begun!

Pet photo calendar

Foals in the rain

More Minion Puppies

Brown retriever puppy in yellow bandana


I think we are overdue for some puppy photos.

As I said in my last Minion Puppies post, I took far too many photographs of Lily and Miss Kay, two Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies that were dressed up to match some marvellous Minion costumes for Halloween.  Aren’t they cute?!



The Most Amazing Vacation (part five)

On Thursday we went to the Grand Canyon.  We stopped at a number of lookouts – each different in its own way and yet each showing more of the same magnificance.  The Grand Canyon is huge in a scale that my brain cannot quite comprehend.  A sign at the visitor centre at the South Rim says that it is, on average, 10 miles across (that’s 16km) and 5,000 feet deep (1,500 metres).  Okay, so intellectually I understand that those numbers are big, but when I look at the canyon sprawled out below me I cannot quite make the numbers make sense.

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The Most Amazing View on the Most Amazing Vacation (part four)

Wednesday morning was the chilliest of the trip.  We were up in time to see the sun rise from the aptly named Inspiration Point.  Bryce Canyon might have been the most stunning location of the trip (but please don’t repeat that too loudly, because I’m sure someone else will disagree) and watching the sun creep over the rocks was a highlight of my trip.

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The Most Amazing Vacation (part three)


We got up before dawn on Tuesday and headed out to watch the sun sweep over the mountainsides.  The ground was chilly, but the air was mild in comparison, so it wasn’t long before I had removed my puffy jacket and was using it as a cushion.  Despite a fair bit of care in where I stepped and where I sat I still ended up removing several cactus spines from my skin, including one that somehow ended up high on the inside of my upper arm.  Not quite sure how that happened…

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Bryce Canyon Ravens

I’m taking a slight detour here from my series on the Totally Absolutely Amazing Roadtrip through parts of Arizona and Utah.  Detour, because there is no scenery in these photos, but only slight because they were all taken in Bryce Canyon, Utah.  The ravens at Bryce Canyon were huge.  H.U.G.E.  And they clearly get handouts from tourists because they were quite willing to hang around and get gawked at.

The Most Amazing Vacation (part two)

On Monday morning we swung by Starbucks on our way out of Flagstaff (notice the recurring theme of Good Coffee) and then headed north.  This was the longest day of driving and we stopped numerous times along the way.  Several of the stops occurred when someone noticed something interesting on the side of the road.  These lambs caught my eye amongst other graffiti when I realized that they had not been painted but rather were picked out of existing paint layers.

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Phoenix and a road trip (part one)

I recently returned from the most amazing vacation.  That needs to be capitalized, actually, so let’s call it The Most Amazing Vacation – two weekends in Phoenix and the days between on a road trip through some of the incredible scenery in Arizona and Utah.  I took, oh, far too many photos, and experienced a sensory overload of sensational views, so I am going to split this into at least six posts.

On the Friday I flew into Phoenix in the early afternoon.  Don, Steve, and Paula picked me up at the airport.  After dropping my bags off at the hotel we hung around Don’s studio for a bit and then went for a walk around downtown Phoenix.  Obviously we took some photographs…

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Harry was January’s calendar boy

…and since I have written about Indie already I was feeling badly about not having said anything about Harry.


Handsome dog portrait photograph


Isn’t he handsome?   I love how his brown eyes glow in his grey & white face.  The colour just reaches out and grabs you.


Tracy Sutherland Photography specializes in timeless classic representations of the pets that enrich our lives. Tracy lives in Sea to Sky country north of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and works in Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver.

“Sky” CD cover

Squamish sceneryAssignment 28: “Sky” Cover for CD
 …interpret this track for the assignment.
Image must be – MUST BE – Square.”
From the earth and Sky
Comes the reason why we love
Oh oh oh
We love
We loveFrom the earth and Sky
Comes the reason why we drop our leaves
And die die
We drop our leaves
And die

I am a very literal person, and I am sure that if it had been fall I would have included falling leaves, but since it is the middle of winter I went with earth and sky instead.  This looks like a very simple shot but I actually spent a fair amount of time on it – both in lighting the tree and in Photoshop cleaning up the surroundings.

Before+after scenic shot

Project 52 is a year long course on Commercial Photography with weekly assignments.  The tasks are based on real world commercial photography assignments and vary greatly in scope and subject.  If you are at all interested in this type of work I highly recommend that you check out http://project52pros.com (and tell Don that I sent you!)

Indie is February’s calendar girl – Vancouver pet portrait photography

Black dog in beaded collar on two beds

My copy of the 2014 pet photography calendar hangs on the fridge, and every time I walk into the kitchen I see it.  It makes me especially happy this week because we have turned the page over to February, and February’s photo is of Indie.

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Woven wicker texture

Pattern in woven wicker

Wicker chair back

Assignment 19: A Textured Subject

Assignment is to make a killer shot of texture.  Caveat: Shooting a wall in morning sun is not gonna do it, nor is a closeup shot of a board or something. I want you to create the shot. Natural light/artificial light… whatever you want. Just work the shot… show us something so cool that we are blown away. Use light patterns or shapes or angles or color or composition, but make the shot something so amazing that it can go in your portfolio – not as a ‘texture’ but as a wonderful image.

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Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies

Retriever puppies with yellow bandanas

Minion puppies


Lily and Miss Kay were dressed up as Minion Puppies for Halloween (to go with some of the best Minion costumes out there).  We took them to an unused ball field and let them run around free for a while on a gorgeous sunny fall afternoon.

All puppies are cute, of course, so I took far too many photos of them for one blog post.  You can expect to see these cutie pies again!  They were bred by my friend Terry Dancey of Tsunami Chesapeake Bay retrievers – just like my girl Rivet.   They are both lovely girls but I have to say that I would have slipped Lily into my pocket and smuggled her home with me if I thought I could get away with it.


Self portrait with a twist

Circle of clasped hands

Family portrait

Assignment 11: Self Portrait with a Twist
“So here is what we are going to do… A Self Portrait.
Without you in the photograph.
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