Teeny tiny Blondie

Blondie is the smallest dog I have ever photographed.  She is a darling little thing that completely adores her owner.


Adele and Nelli

This is Adele, from the 2015 calendar.  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Her tail was incredible – it glistened in the sunlight as if it was made of glitter.


I was pleased with how these photos show the connection between Adele and Nelli.  It was a fun portrait session!



2015 Pet Photography Calendar

The calendar is going to the printers!  I might be biased but I think it will be another good one.

Pet portrait photographer near Vancouver

“Sky” CD cover

Squamish sceneryAssignment 28: “Sky” Cover for CD
 …interpret this track for the assignment.
Image must be – MUST BE – Square.”
From the earth and Sky
Comes the reason why we love
Oh oh oh
We love
We loveFrom the earth and Sky
Comes the reason why we drop our leaves
And die die
We drop our leaves
And die

I am a very literal person, and I am sure that if it had been fall I would have included falling leaves, but since it is the middle of winter I went with earth and sky instead.  This looks like a very simple shot but I actually spent a fair amount of time on it – both in lighting the tree and in Photoshop cleaning up the surroundings.

Before+after scenic shot

Project 52 is a year long course on Commercial Photography with weekly assignments.  The tasks are based on real world commercial photography assignments and vary greatly in scope and subject.  If you are at all interested in this type of work I highly recommend that you check out http://project52pros.com (and tell Don that I sent you!)

Woven wicker texture

Pattern in woven wicker

Wicker chair back

Assignment 19: A Textured Subject

Assignment is to make a killer shot of texture.  Caveat: Shooting a wall in morning sun is not gonna do it, nor is a closeup shot of a board or something. I want you to create the shot. Natural light/artificial light… whatever you want. Just work the shot… show us something so cool that we are blown away. Use light patterns or shapes or angles or color or composition, but make the shot something so amazing that it can go in your portfolio – not as a ‘texture’ but as a wonderful image.

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Self portrait with a twist

Circle of clasped hands

Family portrait

Assignment 11: Self Portrait with a Twist
“So here is what we are going to do… A Self Portrait.
Without you in the photograph.
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T-5: Impulse control? What is that?

First, a couple of housekeeping points. I missed a day in posting here, because the photos I took were just grab shots with my phone and none of them were worth sharing, and my numbering system is off but I am not going to change it. Originally I planned on making Caiman’s final vet appointment on Friday, but as my vet is not available on Friday we made it for Thursday instead. I get one less evening with him but that seemed better than postponing it until after the weekend.

These shots were taken in our front yard. Caiman was lying in the grass, happy, and I took some photos without him noticing me. Then I made a noise to try to get him to turn his head and look at me.

It worked, sort of…

Caiman has never really had impulse control. Over the years I have taught him certain situations where he must resist but I have never succeeded in getting him to look at the camera without coming over to say hi. This time, like so many others, he promptly leapt(ish) to his feet and hurried over to me. I just laughed and snuggled with him. The photos are just memory shots now, it is not important that they are good, and so this sequence is priceless.

T-7: And then it rained

Child and old dog walking together

My younger child and I took Caiman to the beach. We have had an incredible summer, given that where we live is sometimes humorously referred to as “The Wet Coast”, and the vegetation is gasping for moisture. It has not rained in weeks, but it started raining when I took Caiman out of the van and it stopped again when I put him back in. It was sunny and rainy all at the same time. It was beautiful…

close up photo of an old dog walking in the rain

T-8: Old eyes

Caiman has always had very deep set eyes. As a photographer they have driven me nuts, because unless I am very careful he has these black holes in his face in most photos, but now I am glad of them. He has become sensitive to bright light now and his natural facial structure helps protect him. Poor old guy…