“Sky” CD cover

Squamish sceneryAssignment 28: “Sky” Cover for CD
 …interpret this track for the assignment.
Image must be – MUST BE – Square.”
From the earth and Sky
Comes the reason why we love
Oh oh oh
We love
We loveFrom the earth and Sky
Comes the reason why we drop our leaves
And die die
We drop our leaves
And die

I am a very literal person, and I am sure that if it had been fall I would have included falling leaves, but since it is the middle of winter I went with earth and sky instead.  This looks like a very simple shot but I actually spent a fair amount of time on it – both in lighting the tree and in Photoshop cleaning up the surroundings.

Before+after scenic shot

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Snow on the Smoke Bluffs

Snow covered trees and rock faces

Smoke Bluffs in Squamish, BC, Canada with snow.

I always love to see the surrounding hills & mountains with fresh fallen snow.  The snow defines the shapes of the rock in a way that doesn’t show otherwise.  Places that seem steep turn out not to be, and places that look flat turn out to be vertical (or, in some cases, indented).

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