Sat-assign25I have been an animal lover since the day I was born.  It took me a little longer (and a lot of different creative activities) before I figured out that photography is where I belong.

My preferred photographic style is simple, uncluttered portraits, occasionally with a generous dose of whimsy.  Does that sound like your style also?  We should talk!

As for about me not-as-a-photographer, well,  I was born in the Squamish hospital, although I didn’t ever live here until 2011, and now that I am here I cannot imagine ever choosing to leave.  I am unapologetically proud of my kids, I enjoy cooking and gardening but not housework, and I wear hats a lot.  Partly to stay warm, or to keep the sun out of my eyes, but also because a hat keeps my hair under control.

Enough about me, I think.  Contact me, and we will chat about you, your pet, and getting photographs that will make your heart sing.