The Most Amazing Vacation (part five)

On Thursday we went to the Grand Canyon.  We stopped at a number of lookouts – each different in its own way and yet each showing more of the same magnificance.  The Grand Canyon is huge in a scale that my brain cannot quite comprehend.  A sign at the visitor centre at the South Rim says that it is, on average, 10 miles across (that’s 16km) and 5,000 feet deep (1,500 metres).  Okay, so intellectually I understand that those numbers are big, but when I look at the canyon sprawled out below me I cannot quite make the numbers make sense.

The first viewpoint we stopped at was the Desert View Watchtower.  The windows from the top of the tower allowed a spectacular perspective on the canyon, but the glass was too dirty to get any decent photographs.

Earlier in the day we had picked up bagged sandwiches, and we ate lunch at our second stop.  The ravens here obviously get fed by tourists and are quite bold.

Virginia Smith of Modern Vintage Photography took this marvellous photograph of me on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  She says that she wanted to do something glamourous because she knows I don’t think of myself that way. She’s right, I don’t, and yet I absolutely love this photo.

We had bright overcast skies at a couple of the stops, and low lying clouds at another, and a flurry of snow at yet another.  The views meld together in my mind into one overwhelming sense of vastness.

We ended up at the same hotel in Flagstaff that we stayed in on Sunday night.  We packed a lot of scenery into just four days.