The Most Amazing Vacation (part three)


We got up before dawn on Tuesday and headed out to watch the sun sweep over the mountainsides.  The ground was chilly, but the air was mild in comparison, so it wasn’t long before I had removed my puffy jacket and was using it as a cushion.  Despite a fair bit of care in where I stepped and where I sat I still ended up removing several cactus spines from my skin, including one that somehow ended up high on the inside of my upper arm.  Not quite sure how that happened…

The plan was to spend some time in Zion after leaving the hotel, but somehow we got separated from the other vehicle, and as no-one had cell service in the park we had no way to contact them.  We figured that they would either stop when they realized we had gotten separated, or they would go to the gas station at Mount Carmel Junction and wait there, and either way we would find them fairly quickly.  As it was, we managed to reach them on a cell phone before the gas station and did meet up with them there.  It was unfortunate, but now I have even more of an excuse to go back to Zion another time.

We arrived at Bryce Canyon in the afternoon.  We started at the highest lookout, Rainbow Point (9115 feet), and worked our way back down.  It was cold, but sunny, and as long as we were out of the wind we were comfortable.   My photographs do not begin to do Bryce Canyon justice but I will share too many some of them with you anyway.


google maps Springdale to Bryce Canyon