Phoenix and a road trip (part one)

I recently returned from the most amazing vacation.  That needs to be capitalized, actually, so let’s call it The Most Amazing Vacation – two weekends in Phoenix and the days between on a road trip through some of the incredible scenery in Arizona and Utah.  I took, oh, far too many photos, and experienced a sensory overload of sensational views, so I am going to split this into at least six posts.

On the Friday I flew into Phoenix in the early afternoon.  Don, Steve, and Paula picked me up at the airport.  After dropping my bags off at the hotel we hung around Don’s studio for a bit and then went for a walk around downtown Phoenix.  Obviously we took some photographs…

I recently learned some new techniques for converting photographs to black & white.  I’m in love.


On Saturday there was a meet up at Don’s studio.  I haven’t had many opportunities to work with models before, and these ones were fantastic!  Paula and I also went to one of Phoenix’s big camera stores where I drooled over lots of things and came away with nothing.  Self restraint!

Downtown Phoenix has a different feel than the cities I am familiar with.  There are hotels and businesses but no residences.  On Saturday John and I made the trek to a local coffee shop.  My plan for Sunday morning was to wander over there for a cup of good coffee before breakfast, but when I arrived I found out that the shop was closed on Sundays.  It turns out that there was a Starbucks just around the corner but I didn’t find that out until several hours later.  This was the start of a series of quests in search of good coffee that would persist throughout the trip.

Sunday morning was spent hanging around the studio again.  Not everyone at the Phoenix meet up was going on the road trip so we had to say goodbye to some new friends.  In the afternoon we piled into the huge rental van and hit the road for Flagstaff.

google maps phoenix to flagstaff