Indie is February’s calendar girl – Vancouver pet portrait photography

Black dog in beaded collar on two beds

My copy of the 2014 pet photography calendar hangs on the fridge, and every time I walk into the kitchen I see it.  It makes me especially happy this week because we have turned the page over to February, and February’s photo is of Indie.

I know, I shouldn’t HAVE a favourite from the calendar, but if I did (hypothetically) this might be it.  It makes me think of The Princess And the Pea, every time, and I just love all the colours and patterns and textures in the photo.  Indie lives near a wonderful park in Vancouver, and we had planned on doing her session there, but (being Vancouver) when the day arrived it was pouring rain so we had to work inside.   Indie made it easy, showing off her beautiful collar and stacked beds like a pro.