Woven wicker texture

Pattern in woven wicker

Wicker chair back

Assignment 19: A Textured Subject

Assignment is to make a killer shot of texture.  Caveat: Shooting a wall in morning sun is not gonna do it, nor is a closeup shot of a board or something. I want you to create the shot. Natural light/artificial light… whatever you want. Just work the shot… show us something so cool that we are blown away. Use light patterns or shapes or angles or color or composition, but make the shot something so amazing that it can go in your portfolio – not as a ‘texture’ but as a wonderful image.

Before I began the Professional version of Project 52 I was working on the free Essentials version (website is here).  It is run by the same instructor and was a gentle fun introduction into what the Pro course would be like.  Assignment 19 was to shoot a photograph that shows texture.

This is a detail from the woven wicker back of a dining room chair.   I used one flash to give definition to the the second (blurred) layer of wicker and another to show the details in the front.

Project 52 is a year long course on Commercial Photography with weekly assignments.  The tasks are based on real world commercial photography assignments and vary greatly in scope and subject.  If you are at all interested in this type of work I highly recommend that you check out http://project52pros.com (and tell Don that I sent you!)