Self portrait with a twist

Circle of clasped hands

Family portrait

Assignment 11: Self Portrait with a Twist
“So here is what we are going to do… A Self Portrait.
Without you in the photograph.
Yep… this is a self portrait without a photograph of you. It is the essence of “you”. You without you so to speak.
What is the essence of you… what makes you click? How can you show this in a photograph?
You can use parts of you in the shot – but not the face. This is an ‘essence’ portrait… something different.”

  I knew immediately that I had to include my kids in this photo somehow.  Like most mothers out there I define myself in large part based on them, and anyway, what else could I do?  A close up of my camera?  A still life of objects I use on a regular basis?  Nothing else clicked…  I thought about a grouping of the three of us that didn’t show our faces, maybe with our backs to the camera, but that seemed false and overly saccharine.  I really didn’t know what to do. And then this idea came to me. In my head it was more symmetrical and graphic, but I actually love how it turned out.  I love that the littlest person takes up the littlest part of the circle, I love that bit of texture that her sweater adds, and I love that each of us is holding the other person much tighter than we are holding ourselves. This is going up on the wall.   Project 52 is a year long course on Commercial Photography with weekly assignments.  The tasks are based on real world commercial photography assignments and vary greatly in scope and subject.  If you are at all interested in this type of work I highly recommend that you check out (and tell Don that I sent you!)