Project 52: Low Angle

” For this week’s challenge the images you capture need to be taken from a low angle – ideally lower than eye level on the dog. Let’s capture those scrunchy chins and droopy faces by getting as low as we can! Don’t be afraid to get dirty!”

This fit in perfectly with a shot I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I’ve seen a number of whimsical fantasy photos that have inspired a number of ideas along these lines.

This was definitely a collaboration with my child. I needed her help in getting the right photo of the dog (Rivet was very enthusiastic, too enthusiastic, and I wasn’t able to get her looking the way I wanted without her pretty much crawling into my lap) and she had her own ideas for how she should look in the photo. I had imagined her crouching, but she wanted to be standing, so we shot both and in the end we both liked this one best. We had fun!

And then, a day or so later, I decided that I needed to use another of the poses that she gave me. For this one I used an older photo of Caiman, and in some ways I think I like it better. Her body language is much more along the lines of my original idea, and the simpleness of the setting allows for an older feel to the processing.

Project 52 is a group project. Please visit all the other talented pet photographers, starting with Blue Amrich Studio in Boston, MA, by following the links at the bottom of our posts.

Tracy Sutherland Photography specializes in timeless classic representations of the pets that enrich our lives. Tracy lives in Sea to Sky country north of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and works in Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver.